February 22, 2013

Pink and Grey Nursery Decor

You’ve found the ultimate soft and frilly bedding for your baby girl’s nursery. It’s cotton candy pink with calming grey. Now you’ve got to find artwork worthy of the princess who will sleep there.

Figure out the style of art you like and then ask an artist to create some custom pieces for your nursery.  I’m often asked to match a photo, fabric swatch, or paint sample to a set of prints a client wishes to purchase. Most of my prints can be adjusted to suit my client’s décor needs.  It’s a fun challenge to do everything I can to make sure I produce artwork that will be just right. 

The sweet pink and grey in the bedding featured here is accented with chevron and polka dots.  I have a selection of prints that can be tailored to this design. And if that’s not good enough I can create a piece that will tie it all together.  Check out the bedding, artwork, and other handcrafted finds that pull this room together. 

Pink and Grey Nursery Art

Handmade Nursery Decor, Pink and Grey

What's your favorite pink and grey nursery decor item?

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