February 10, 2013

Nutella Oreo Cookie Snacks: Nutoreos!

Nutella creations border on culinary genius. I won't pretend to contribute to that body of wonder (no baking, no recipes)... other than to offer one of my many sweet indulgences. Introducing ...

I used Golden Oreos with these because those were my addiction at the time. (An intervention has been staged and I'm clean 2 months, 6 days now.)

This "recipe" is a no-brainer:
STEP 1: twist
STEP 2: dollop
STEP 3: replace (resist the urge to lick the butter knife-- they only appear to be harmless)
STEP 4: smoosh
STEP 5: nom
STEP 5: repeat

Note: There were four other Nutoreos that were unharmed shamelessly devoured in the making of these cookies.


  1. Oreos AND nutella? Sounds like a good idea!

  2. YUM!! I am out of nutella at the moment....going to put it on my grocery list!

  3. This is absolutely yummy! Too bad both ingredients are now off limits in our house. Maybe I'll sneak some in when the kids are in school. :)

  4. Ohhhhh...I've been staying away from sugar so this was the wrong place to be looking! lol.. These look so good (I'm dying for a cookie right now!).

  5. I just can't take to Nutella sandwiches, but biscuits - that sounds right up my street! Thank you for leaving a message over on my blog. xx


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