January 30, 2013

You Are My Favorite Greeting Card Giveaway

Thinking back to Valentine's Day in elementary school I remember the parade of card-givers, the sparkly holographic designs, the stickers that sealed them, the broken lollipops, teddy bear puns, and my name being misspelled on nearly. every. card. My teachers must have had the rule that EVERYONE gets a card from everyone, because I always came home with a handmade goody bag full of treasures. And yet, at that age, nobody had any sweethearts. We just did it because our friends were "beary cool," and our other classmates were appreciated just for being there.
I miss those days, when it didn't matter if you loved or liked someone. Ya just celebrated them anyway.  So, I created a series of cards with my favorite people in mind.  These little goodies are great for Valentine's Day, birthdays, or just to say, "Gee, I think you're swell."

All of these cards are available in my Breeding Fancy Etsy shop.

In the spirit of Valentine card-giving, I'm doing a little giveaway! The winning participant will get to pick one of the cards above.

To participate, leave a comment telling me a little story about one of your favorite people. It doesn't have to be one of the labels shown on my cards. It's all up to you!

Comment on this blog post: 1 entry
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Share this giveaway with your friends on Facebook: 2 entries

Open to all U.S. residents. The winning participant must have a U.S. address to which I can ship. Once notified of your winning status, choose any 1 of the six cards above. Entry period ends February 7, 2013. Make sure you leave me some way of contacting you if you're the lucky winner!

I'll tell you my little story: "You Are My Favorite Stalker": An old high school "friend" used to peek around corners to, um, check on my well-being. I'd see just the top of his head, then his eyes and nose, and sometimes he might appear in full-body. But normally he just jerked his head back behind the wall or pole and took cover.

So, who's your favorite?

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