November 11, 2012

Teal and Aqua as Neutral

Okay, I know "neutral" is technically a color that melts into the background. Beige, brown, gray, black, white. I get it. But does "neutral" have to mean "bland?" I think not! In my living room, my backdrop is teal. Luscious, bold, risky teal walls. Pops of orange, white, and woods (yes, that's a color) stand out against the neutral teal.

I came across a few other rooms that use colors in the teal and aqua family as their neutrals.

Love how the white and orange stand out against the teal.

That couch, those pillows, the art on the walls make an impact with the whole backdrop as teal.

This soft aqua takes the backseat so the orange can take the wheel!

And here's one of my favorite quote prints from my shop, Breeding Fancy. It's an excerpt from Robert Frost's Road Not Taken.


  1. Love that color and all the rooms you posted are beautiful! My husband and I are planning to add a red wall to our living room very soon. (Whenever we can find the time!) I think it is a lot of fun to add some color to everything!

    1. Hi Carrie! Thanks for commenting. You're brave to go red! But it's such an electric color, I'm sure it will look fantastic. P.S. You're never gonna find the time, ya just have to make it happen!!


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